Hometown Honeys: 64 Photos of Veronica Lik

Hometown Honeys: 64 Images of Veronica Lik

Veronica, 25, is an artist who’s into light flogging and fantasizes about having sex on a plane. In those images, Veronica is hot, so she tries to kewl off by getting next to the air conditioner, but that just makes her concupiscent. Why? Who knows? We have no idea what makes some honeys tick, and we’re not plan to sit around trying to figure it out. “When I masturbate, I try to loosen up by laying down in daybed,” Veronica said. “I picture a sexy, youthful ladies man touching me, kissing me, screwing me, then I touch myself harder and faster and I cum.” Okay, that part we can decide. The part about cumming, we mean. Not the part about picturing a hawt, youthful gent.

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