Home Run Honey bunny

Home Run Honey bunny

Home Run Honey

Flat Madison loves to go all the way.
Madison’s used to hitting home base, and not just because this babe plays softball. “If we acquire to 3rd base and your throat is on my wet crack, then we’re definitely gonna copulate.”

Once an athlete, always an athlete.
Madison played soccer for 12 years and also did track, swimming and tennis. Now she is using that stamina to screw! “I would consider sex a sport. You get all hawt and perspired. And I even get competitive trying to out-fuck my husband.”

How does one out-fuck their husband, Madison?
“You try to final longer than them. Someone has to tap out eventually, and since I can have a lot of orgasms I usually win. Boyz usually only have one orgasm, and they appear to be to have them charming quick with me. They tell me it is ’cause my little pussy is taut. I like knowing that I can outlast them, but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind a defiance. I would like a stud to fuck my brains out, until I can not take it anymore and I need to tell him to stop ‘cuz my legs are shaking. Maybe that’s smth an aged chap could do for me. I’ve heard they last longer and are nice in ottoman. And I’ve always detected silver foxes impressive. I might just need to try one out.”

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