40Something (SCORE Special 159): 70 Photos of Cheyenne

40Something (SCORE Peculiar 159): 70 Pictures of Cheyenne

To some babes, a lube job means getting your car’s baby oil changed every 3,000 miles. To Cheyanne Hunter, star of the DVD M.I.L.F.S. and Mechanics, it means the full-service treatment: getting your baby oil changed, then oiling up your bawdy cleft and anus for some deep dipstick plunging by a greasy mechanic. "Auto mechanics turn me on," Cheyanne said. "They’re so dirty and grungy, and they know how to work with their tools." This babe laughed. "I loved engulfing on his piston ramrod. I especially enjoyed it when this gent did a full inspection of my back end."

"I’m a romantic," Cheyanne told. "I like a gent who knows how to treat a female, but how should a ladies man treat a female-dom? I mean, just ‘cuz a dude is polite and opens doors for a female shouldn’t mean this lady-killer doesn’t know how to shag her. Some males think they’re not being gentlemen if they actually slam a girl’s vagina unbending. No! You are a gentleman if u screw me admirable and make me cum!"

"You are not being a gentleman if you try to stick your pecker in my butt without asking first," Cheyanne told. "So just ask. Chances are I’ll say yep. In fact, I’ll probably widen my butt cheeks wide so it is easier for u to slip right in. And don’t even think about babying my a-hole when you are in it. Fuck it unbending! I wanna hear your balls slapping against my vagina!"

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