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Lily Jordan Lily Jordan
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Lily Jordan is a bride-to-be, and one of her huge concerns is looking good in her wedding images! With the big day less than a year away, Lily is looking for a worthy personal trainer to whip her into shape! This babe is done tons of research online, and now Lily is interviewing any and all potential trainers. She found one who she’s so interested in, Lily is really inviting him over to her abode. It’s the same abode she shares with her fiance. Lily has smth else on her mind: is that babe going to be stuck having sex with just one gent for the rest of her life? She’s always been curious about "black guys" and the complete "BBC thing", and this day she’s about to observe what’s up! Literally! After asking the trainer to watch his muscles, this babe spies his enormous boner through his trousers! From there it is a ardent like making session…and it is even on the ottoman that babe shares with her charmer! After it’s all told and done, and there is still spunk oozing from her impressive face, Lily Jordan asks for another "training session". Sure enough, she is been turned into a Dark Jock Doxy!
Lily Jordan Lily Jordan
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Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

We’ve so many alluring cuties send in photos, we tend to type them into categories in our minds: Busties, flatties, butts, anal lovers, Bush Babies, etc. And when we think of those categories, a dozen or so names come to the forefront of every subset. But when we think of our all-time beloved girls, each member on the NaughtyMag team has their own personal favourite.

Kate Anne is our editor Eamonn’s favorite. Maybe it is her squashy British accent. Maybe it is her thick, luxuriously squishy pubes. Or maybe it is her hourglass figure or her big, downy fullsome funbags. Whatsoever it is, Kate Anne is one memorable girl.

We reached out to Kate latterly coz we were wondering if that babe, love so many of our previous Bush Baby angels, had bald off her pubes. She responded by sending us a picture. Let’s just say, we were cheerful to see photo corroboration of her still very much intact bush. Have enjoyment her most-recent fotos!

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Quiet? Almost. Coy? We don’t think so.

Quiet? Not quite. Demure? We do not think so.

Quiet? Nearly. Shy? We do not think so.

“I come across as timid and quiet, but I have a excited side that surprises people,” told 52-year-old divorcee Layla LaMora.

Layla surprised us by making loud humming noises when this babe was engulfing a stud’s ramrod in her 1st scene at, and she was full of surprises (and ding-dong) when that babe banged her son’s two majority worthy allies in her encore scene. In that one, 2 young bucks filled her throat and wet crack with knob and glazed her face.

In advance of coming to our studio, Layla had not at all sucked and screwed on-camera, and that babe had never been in a three-way. One time we started rolling, it was clear that Layla’s motto is: a little less conversation, a little more action. This babe would rather use her lips for engulfing pecker and let her body do the talking as this babe rides and pounds till this babe has an large O.

We asked Layla if this babe can’t live without being viewed whilst having sex, and that babe said, “I will inspect.” That babe detected out. “I do,” that babe said.

Would her friends and family be shocked to know she did this?

“I’m not sure. You at not time know what I’m gonna do next.”

If we had to guess, we’d say her next move would be finding recent, younger dicks to copulate. Maybe with an audience to watch. We can merely hope. Meanwhile, have enjoyment Layla’s bigger than run of the mill boobs and powerful, pink slit. She’s a keeper.

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We’re wrapping up this piss-soaked weekend with Tiffany, who elicited many letters and emails from u members when she was posted final time. Well, this golden set is sure to become your new beloved.

Tiffany, we have heard that peeing isn’t the only kind of squirting you do.

“Yes. I lately found that I can squirt during sex likewise. It absolutely took me by surprise. When it happened I truly thought I had peed myself. I was super confused, but the gent reassured me that it was indeed hawt. Later on I looked it up online, and that’s when I realized I had squirted. I’ve done it one other time. I’m learning about it and how I can make it happen more often.”

Where were you when you 1st squirted?

“I was actually in the storage closet at school. U know, where they keep all the cleaning supplies. I know it doesn’t sound very hawt, but the sex was truly hot. We could hear people walking around outdoors the door as we drilled. Then I squirted and got juice all over the floor. [Laughs] There was a mop right next to me so I grasped it and cleaned up a little because I was so embarrassed.”

Is pissing during sex off-limits for you?

I”ll not at all say by no means. If a skirt chaser wanted me to pee on him, I’d do it. And if that fellow asked actually sweetly, I would probably let a lad piss on me, also. I mean, I like getting bukkake and having my chest cummed on, so what’s the difference?

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A very good Night

A very admirable Night

A very admirable Night

It’s time to acquire to know Nadia Night, a 40-year-old, sex-loving, huge breasted sweetheart from South Florida. Nadia has posed for Leg Sex and SCORE magazine. SCORELAND, likewise, and now this babe is on her second scene at 40something. That babe is getting maturer and more wondrous.

Nadia has dark-skinned hair and hazel eyes and DDD-cup milk sacks. That babe is very feisty. That babe can’t live out of to bonk. This babe knows she’s a sex kitten and enjoys getting and giving enjoyment. That babe is not a Mommy. She’s not even a cougar, really. And she says the people who know her utmost wouldn’t be surprised to watch her here.

“Who needs hot outfit moreover?” that babe said. “I don’t classify myself as a nudist. I just think impressive clothes are overrated.”

They are when a female has a body love Nadia’s. Long legs. Slim waist. DDD-cup boobs. The lady has it all. She can’t live without to suck jock and balls. She likes to shag. She’s even open to butt slam, which she’s doing this day and talks about in this interview.

Nadia is a wild woman who’s living a wild life, and now we have to have fun it with her.

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Loving Herself

Loving Herself

Loving Herself

Megan rubs and touches her body adore this babe means it. Writhing and squirming, this babe gropes herself with the same enthusiasm as a teen smooth operator getting laid for the first time. With her looks, it is no surprise that even she can’t keep her hands off herself. Despite being relatively naive, sex oozes without her pores. Megan thrusts her haunches up as this babe diddles her clitoris, wishing she could shag the imaginary schlong that is making her cum in her mind. We wager u urge that jock was yours. That babe does too.

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We’re continuing our Piss-Takes Weekend with Chloe, whom you dudes may remember from a scarcely any months ago. This babe is back, and this time this babe is letting loose with her full bladder.

Tell us about your kinkiest experience.
“It was in the bathroom at school. Some lads had dared this stud to enter the girls’ bath. This Lothario went into one more stall and just sitting there in silence. I called him over to keep me company during the time that I peed, and that Lothario got subrigid when this smooth operator saw my twat.”

What happened next, Chloe?
“He observed me pee, and then I said him to take out his ding-dong so I could suck it. The irrumation was actually hot, and at the same time I was shocked that I was doing it in a bath at school. I remember being actually turned on. His ramrod felt so stiff in my face hole; I knew it would feel great in my vagina. So I stood up, and he fucked me doggy position. I wanted to groan but had to stay kind of quiet just in case. My twat was making cushioned noises from being so juicy during the time that this guy thrust into me. He did not last lengthy, maybe like, eight minutes. But I came, and this gent sprayed cum all over my arse.”

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The Cutie Can not Aid It

The Gal Cant Assist It

The Angel Can not Assist It

Maya Milano has the entire spa to herself. There is no one to intrude on her privacy. This babe can take off each stitch and let’s watch her magnificent body and fantastic naturals. Once Maya is naked, this babe takes a dip in the pool to nifty off.

Back home and away from the cameras, Maya keeps busy. She’s a photographer, goes to a fitness center, can’t live with out visiting new neighborhoods when the weather is worthy, is involved in cosmetology and may be going back to university.

One of the most alluring beauties at SCORELAND, Maya said she missed posing after over a year. “The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to come back,” Maya told, with the assistance of one of our translators. “I have fun the experience and when I see gals love me…Demmy Blaze, Juliana Simms, Joana and the new beauty Daria, I can relate to ’em. I feel I am in precious company.”

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Glazed Diamond

Glazed Diamond

Glazed Diamond

“I like to dance. I adore to perform,” said 64-year-old divorcee, Mamma and grandmother Diamond Red, who today is performing in her first bonk movie scene. In it, she brings her charmer inside her abode and tells him, “We need to hurry in advance of my son gets home. I urge you to copulate me really nice. I desire u to bonk me actually rock hard. I urge u to stick that big schlong inside of me. Do u think u can handle it?”

Yep, that guy can handle it. This chab bonks Diamond’s mouth and cunt with his 33-year-old 10-Pounder and cums all over her glamorous face.

“I love teasing and taunting and making people desire more but not giving it to ’em,” said Diamond, who doesn’t hold back here. “I’ve always danced. Ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom. It is just such good exercise, and ‘cuz I adore to flirt so much, it was just a natural progression to do this.”

A natural progression for her. Not for most chicks. That is what makes 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIVES peculiar. Diamond might not have ended up here if not for her friend Leah L’Amour, who suggested that babe do this.

This hot redhead and her lad are swinging married couples. One day, one more spouse said to her, “What would you think if we brought more people into our erotic lives?”

That babe was not sure about that. “He told, ‘There’s a great club in Miami. You do not get to do anything u don’t wanna do. U can wear your sexy little captivating clothes. It is a great place to dance. Admirable buffet dinner.’ So we went, and it was so much joy. So then we went back many more times, and over the years, I introduced other studs to the lifestyle, and they all seemed to love it. I’ve been in the lifestyle on and off for years.”

And now she’s doing porn. A natural progression.

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