Abby Paradise – What an Anus

What an Butthole

What an Asshole

Lives: Akron, Ohio; Occupation: Waitress; Age: Nineteen; Born: August 10; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: Bring it! BJs: Like to swallow; Diddle: Not much.

We asked Abby how she loves to masturbate. “Only anally,” she responded. Wow! You can tell she is a wanton, little teen if that is what she thinks is ordinary. “I’ve always been really adventurous. I’m not afraid to try fresh things. That’s the reason I’m so assured in sofa. If it feels good to stick a pair fingers in my ass, then I am gonna do it and nobody can prevent me!”

Why would anyone desire to?

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Harmony Bliss – Big breasted ‘n’ Juicy

Big boobed ‘n’ Moist

Busty 'n' Wet

Just for the record, Mia Starr is not to be confused with the flat-chested, waif-like pornstar Mia Starr. This Mia is an American Latina living in California. This babe modeled for a very short time. I have no idea what happened to Mia, what this babe is doing now or why this babe left glamour modeling when that babe was just getting started. Dave doesn’t know either.

Mia was in four issues of SCORE and two DVDs (Top-Heavy Teasers and Busty ‘n’ Wet, which contains this hot-tub scene). I had a feeling Mia could have been a natural at hardcore porn like the great Daylene Rio, but this babe totally dropped off the boob radar screen after doing this scene.

Adore Harmony (and Morgan Leigh), Mia’s expert handling of sex toys and dildos is adore skillful golfer Natalie Gulbis with a putter. Mia said that babe liked beauties a whole lot and had been with too many cuties to remember. She and Harmony go at it with an over-the-top, double-headed rubber cock. If u handed this to the archetypical mistresse and asked her what this babe thought of it, she’d use it to hit u over the head. There’s some giving a kiss, which is admirable, and numerous close-ups of pussy-licking. There is no indecent talking, which my immodest mind was hoping for, but they make up for it with their intensity.

This movie scene was shot in advance of Harmony decided to copulate on-camera after eight years of basic in nature’s garb modeling with toys. I do not see Harmony around anymore, either, and I do not think the studio people hear from her.

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Samantha Ray – Happily Married, Happily Screwing Other Studs

Happily Married, Happily Banging Other Bucks

Happily Married, Happily Rogering Other Men

“I know what I desire and how to receive it,” said Samantha Ray, a 45-year-old wife and soccer Mom from Michigan. “I’ve not ever been turned down.”

Samantha Ray is a hairdresser, which doesn’t surprise us at all. Lady hairdressers tend to be hot and sexed-up. They adore to acquire close to their customers. They can’t live with out to rub their bodies against ’em and stick their mambos in their faces. They say they’re trying to do a worthwhile job, but what they’re indeed trying to do is get you hard.

“I’m always moist at work,” Samantha informed us.

We assume that babe is referring to her cunt.

Samantha Ray says she’s “very happily married,” and we’re sure the same goes for her spouse. We asked her if she is observed her scenes, and she said, “Of course. They’re likewise sexy not to view.”

Did that babe check out ’em with anybody?

“I’ve viewed them by myself and with my spouse. It turns me on very much to look at them, and I know my hubby got turned on.”

How does she know?

“Watching my scenes made me so wanton that I wanted my boyfriend to eat my cookie while I watched them,” she told. “Then I had him bonk me. This chab was rock-hard.”

Here, Samantha Ray makes 23-year-old Jeremy rock-hard. This babe has that way about her, doesn’t she?

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Pompadur – Pitching Tents

Pitching Tents

Pitching Tents

Pompadur comes from the frigid north of Canada, but that doesn’t prevent her from getting hawt in the outdoors. “I love fooling around outdoors but solely when it is not also cold. My ex and I used to go camping all the time. I loved screwing in the tent. At night, when our campfire would die, we’d kick off shivering and dive into our two-person sleeping bag. I had just sufficient room to jerk him and play with my clit. I left a pussy puddle in the tent.”

“My favorite way to screw is kind of strange, but it makes me cum every time. It’s called the butterfly position. Basically, it’s where I fib on my back at the edge of the couch and the lady-killer stands on the ground. It’s great coz we’re basically on the same level. It’s all about the G-spot.”

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Foxy Di – Foxy’s First Three-Way

Foxy’s 1st Three-Way

Foxy's 1st Three-Way

Foxy’s grades haven’t been so hot this semester, so that babe visits the school administrator’s home to discuss her options. His hawt, maturer wife happens to be present, and the one and the other this babe and Foxy have the same idea in regard to doing supplementary credit. After all, a juvenile, little thing like Foxy can learn a lot from an old female. Like how to engulf dick and ride it. That babe may have done poorly in tons of her classes, but this is one lesson Foxy will not forget. After sharing cock-sucking duties with the administrator’s wife, Foxy laps up her fur pie during the time that the administrator tongues the teen’s twat and butthole. Now Foxy’s twat is fine and slippery to take his 10-Pounder. It just acquires hotter and hotter from there. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself!

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Mona Hawght – Add “Doing Anal On-Camera” To Her Been-There, done-That List

Add “Doing Anal On-Camera” To Her Been-There, done-That List


This scene is not going to win any awards for creativity. There’s no talk. No setup. Just act.

But it might win some awards for hotness and sleaziness cuz Mona Hawght, a 46-year-old wife and Mother from Ohio, acquires banged very stiff in her booty whilst fingering her moist slit, and when the lad is done screwing her well-used backdoor, this gent squirts his seed all over Mona’s face.

“I love it,” Mona says.

She can’t live with out plenty of things. This babe is done tons of things.

“I one time met three males at a hotel and made a film of them screwing me while my partner was at work,” Mona told. “Of course, I showed it to him afterward.”


“My husband and I met a newlywed pair whilst on vacation. She was Nineteen. That stud was 21. We had a foursome with ’em. I ate the wife’s cunt whilst her new boyfriend rogered me doggystyle. Later, I sucked his wife’s cookie juices off his wang.”

“I adore hotties. My quote is, ‘I adore a little snatch on the side.'”

Mona was sent to us by glamour model Carey Riley. Carey got ass-fucked on-camera. And, now, Mona’s doing it, also.

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Jessa – Horny and Contented!

Slutty and Satisfied!

Slutty and Gratified!

“I have no problem admitting that I am a whore,” Jessa shared with us. “There’s no thing incorrect with having a little enjoyment. Moreover, why would not I wanna give a charmer sex a million times more stylish than any he’s ever had? That way he’ll always remember me! I had one of my allies with benefits take those pics. This charmer is one of those chaps who just lucked into my pants. We were at a party and I was sexually excited as hell so I enticed him. I keep him around ‘cuz that stud licks muff like nobody’s business! He’s even more unbelievable at sucking my love button than some of the beauties I’ve fooled around with!”

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Renee Dark – Renee Black Where She Belongs

Renee Dark Where She Belongs

Renee Darksome Where This babe Belongs

Here’s Renee Black, a 52-year-old divorcee who is indeed coming of age. This babe became a swinger about 3 years agone, and this babe says that babe walks around her house completely stripped. She is had a BBC gang bang, and that babe says she can’t live without younger males. That babe fucked a large, dark cock at That babe plans on banging for our viewing fun once once more.

“People who really know me would not be surprised to watch me here,” she told. “I think it is where I belong!”

We do, too.

“I like younger dudes,” Renee told. “I like darksome meat-thermometer. My youngest latterly was Twenty six. Their stamina can keep up with me.”

Renee was born in Oklahoma and lives in Las Vegas. Her birthday is September Twenty five, 1961. She is 5’5″ and has a weight of 129 pounds. That babe says her consummate day would be “sex, shopping, sex, dinner, drinks and lap dancing and more sex!”

She can’t live out of being here.

“I like being watched,” this babe told. “It’s very sexy when u know people are turned on and watching.”

We are and we are.

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Stella May – Clitoris Babe

Clitoris Cutie

Clit Chick

Stella’s stress reliever!
When Stella traipsed in she looked instantly comfortable. Tons of beauties are nervous when they take naked pics for the 1st time in our studio. We asked her about her laid back attitude. “Whenever I am nervous I adore to take a scarcely any moments, breathe and have a quick cum. I used to do it in school all the time before large tests. I’d walk down to the washroom and just rub myself until I came. My hands don’t smell like wet crack afterwards coz I don’t put ’em inside. I love it better rubbing little circles on my like button. That is what makes me cum the fastest.”

So what’s your favorite position?
“Doggie-style! If the lad has just the right-sized dick it will hit my G-spot and make me squirt! Plus, I can reach right beneath myself and rub my clitty during the time that he is banging me from behind. That’s the position I was in when I came seven times in a row!”

You call yourself an exhibitionist. Where was your kinkiest collision?
“Oh gosh, let me think. I suppose it’s a tie. One time I was walking my dog in the town park by my abode. It was dusk and there was only one other person. We started talking and previous to I knew it this petticoat chaser was fucking me whilst I was up against a tree! The other time was with my husband. We were in a book store. This chap pulled my petticoat up and took me doggystyle in-between the rows!”

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