Chloe And Ginger

Chloe And Ginger

Chloe And Ginger

Chloe and Ginger, an 18eighteen Mag model, went tit-to-tit, or should we say tit-to-teat, in the April 2001 SCORE Magazine (sold out). This photo shoot was a surprisingly large hit with Chloe fans ‘cuz of the novelty match-up technique–something very different than Chloe‘s previous and erotically-oriented girl on girl slit parties. It was the anatomical, non-sexual comparison photography that made it what it was with the readers. It was originally a spontaneous and quickie discharge by request of SCORE’s editor, who was going for a somewhat clinical physique study for a tiny in number pages in his mag. With perfect 20-20 hindsight, we can say now that we should have burned at least four rolls of film, getting perspectives of their very dissimilar bodies in every angle and pose. Well, you cant cry over spilt breast milk. Later on, the dynamic duet did a true whack-off inspiring photo discharge called Chloe The Doctor, with Chloe giving pleasing Rebecca a gyno exam in the SCORE Medical Clinic. That photo story got down to the real deal and has an oddly perverse air as patient Ginger worshipped Chloe‘s clitty with her snake-like tongue and Doctor Chloe orally savored Rebecca’s shaven and damp pussy. Wrote Chloe: “When Ginger, a young girl adult model, was in the studio the same day as I was scheduled, this babe and I were fooling around in our doctor’s office set and lo and behold the photographers thought this was a great idea for a big boob, little boob set.”

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Brunch or me?

Brunch or me?

Brunch or me?

Lives: Yonkers, Fresh York; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: 24; Born: August THREE; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Solely straps; Anal: Not yet; BJs: Drink and take up with the tongue the 10-Pounder clean; Diddle: A couple of times a month.

Kelly was born in Russia, but has lived most of her life in USA. “I by no means thought about shaving the hair off my vagina untill I was with a boy who wouldn’t eat me coz of my pubes,” Kelly said. “I adore having my muff eaten because I have my strongest orgasms that way–sometimes two or more if the ladies man stays down there lengthy enough. So I shaved my love tunnel and pretty soon detected that it’s great for oral-sex cuz the boy can acquire inside closer to my vagina, so my orgasms feel even more mind blowing.”

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Chocolate hole To Revenge

Anus To Revenge

Backdoor To Revenge

The video could have been titled “Turnabout Is Fair Play.” It is about a 52-year-old woman–we’ll call her Trinity–who discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her…and right there in his office. “It’s so humiliating,” Trinity says to Tony, looking as if she’s about to tear the jezabelle’s briefs to shreds. Poor Trinity. Inexperienced husband. What a larger than standard dope, cheating on a piece of a-hole adore Trinity. And probably with a young office administrator who’s nothing more than a head-sucker. Tony tries to console her, tries to reveal some real feeling for her situation, and would not you know it, this babe feels his inflexible meat-thermometer throughout his trousers. “I think u just gave me an idea how I can fix this,” Trinity says. “The bastard cheated on me. I am going to cheat on him.”

Great idea! She hands Tony her address and says, “Bring a ally.”

The friend is Asante, and Trinity gets back at her husband by taking their dicks in her mouth, cunt and backdoor. Yep, her rectal hole. ‘coz there is revenge and then there is Revenge, and everybody knows that Revenge is a dish foremost served with anal.

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Auburn Gal

Auburn Beauty

Auburn Angel

Trinity, u get to be the majority popular hotty at your school!

“No way! I’ve a group of a dunky in number close allies, but that’s it. Everybody else calls me a floozy, when I haven’t even had sex in advance of! Those rumors started ’cause I went on a date with this football player and I shot him down when this man attempted to kiss me. Tomorrow at school that stud told everybody he’d banged me!”

How come u didn’t want to fool around with the football lad?

“I just was not into him. The merely reason I even went out with him was ‘coz he was so persistent. But this charmer turned out to be super immature. Old bucks are way more fantastic. I’ve merely had one boy on my mind all year, and he’s one of my teachers. I can not go one night with out touching myself and thinking of him.”

Are you saving your virginity for your teacher?

“In my fantasies, yeah! I would like it if he’d slip his pecker inside of me and pop my cherry and expose me just what an aged boy can do. But I know that’s not gonna happen as long as I am a pupil. I suppose once I graduate I am going to pay him a visit and watch if he urges to receive some coffee. That is when I’m intend to make my move. Seriously, I’ve never had the hots for anyone else love I do for him. I receive wet just thinking about him. I’d await forever to lose my virginity to him if I knew there was a chance!”

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A creampie for Carey

A jism pie for Carey

A sex cream pie for Carey

For her 1st clip at, 41-year-old Carey Riley really harlots it up in the best way possible, showing the full spectrum of her old cock-sucking and rogering skills. That babe makes humming noises when she’s mouthing cock, adding to the vibration of face hole against meat-stick. She looks into the digi camera as if to say, “I’d rather be sucking your ramrod.” Carey has a very damp mouth, and she receives the stud’s ramrod all slick and slimy–again, often whilst looking right at us–before that babe slides it into her pussy and screws it each which way. And when the smooth operator cums in her muff, this babe widens it wide so we can watch, digging her fingers into her pink pussy flesh and poking out the smooth operator juice, flexing those wet crack muscles. This is super-slut ram!

FYI, Carey has DD-cup bumpers and measures 40-30-41, meaning there’s lots of cushion for the push-in. She is 5’9″, 164 pounds, and that babe is married.

“I have many different ways I costume, depending on the situation,” told Carey, who in this scene is wearing crotchless panties so she doesn’t even must receive bare to screw. “Obviously, for my job [she’s in sales], I dress professionally, and around kids, I’ll wear normal jeans and a cute shirt. But when I go out, I love to suit very hawt and sometimes straight-out whorelike. My partner can’t live without it that way.”

A partner who loves when his sexy wife dresses love a floozy…sounds love Carey is with the right guy.

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Bethany screws her daughter’s boyfriends

Bethany fucks her daughter’s boyfriends

Bethany screws her daughter's boyfriends

Juan and Ivan are standing by the door, and they’re kind of wondering…what the hell is going on here?

“What’s up, smooth operator?” Juan says.

“No much,” Ivan says. “What are you doing here? Did not u break up with Stephanie?”

“Yeah, I did. I am here to see her Mother. That babe called me over.”

“Are you for real? She called me over, also.”

Ms. James answers the door wearing a robe.

“Hi, men,” Bethany says. “Betcha wonder why I asked you here? Well, don’t just stand there. Come on in.”

The lads sit on the sofa. They’re nervous. What IS going on here?

“I guess you’re wondering why you are the one and the other here,” Bethany says, standing in front of ’em.

The dudes are alarmed. Did they knock up Bethany‘s daughter? Uh-oh. Mom’s potty!

“Would you boys loosen up?” Bethany says. “My daughter’s not preggo. She might be a fuckin’ tramp, but she is of course not preggo. She is out rogering her new hubby. You’re here ‘cuz of me.”

Are they in trouble?

“Oh, no,” Bethany says. “Consider this your lucky day.”

She takes off her robe to flaunt her sexy body. Her bumpers are on expose. Her long legs are in nylons. This IS their fortunate day.

“You boys used to fight over my daughter,” Bethany says. “But now you need to share me.”

Hmmmm…daughter’s a fuckin’ tramp. Wonder where this babe got that from?

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Tiffany & Stacy: Tit to Tit, Cum-hole to Twat

Tiffany & Stacy: Tit to Tit, Snatch to Cum-hole

Tiffany & Stacy: Tit to Tit, Snatch to Slit

We receive many letters asking whether the angels who are featured in our girl-on-girl pictorials are “lesbians.” So we put the question to the stars of this layout, Tiffany Towers and Staci Vaughn. They looked surprised, and quickly answered, “No way!” It seems Tiffany and Staci love most of all guys for their carnal partners and solely relish a bisexual fling when, “the right goddess comes along.” Sometimes a glamour model will flatly refuse to pose with some other gal. Other times, a glamour model may consent to a photo session with another beauty, but the pictures will be disappointing, revealing her reluctance to really get into it. Well, you don’t acquire to be an competent to see that wasn’t the case with Tiff and Staci.

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Her 1st (much) older gent

Her first (much) older woman chaser

Her first (much) older lad

Lives: Denver, Colorado; Occupation: Earth sciences student; Age: 20; Born: May 1; Ht: 5’10”; Wt: 140 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Briefs; Anal: Like it! BJs: Drink; Diddle: Sometimes.

“Some gals go skydiving for thrills; I wanted to screw a fellow,” said Nicole. “I forgot about the age difference as in a short time as I saw Jack’s greater than standard 10-Pounder and started suckin’ it. I have heard cuties say that having an older lover who knows what that woman chaser is doing is the most worthwhile. I absolutely assent now! I had a king-size climax while we were screwing and one more whilst Jack was fucking me in my booty. That had by no means happened before: I hope other lads will do my ass as valuable as jack did so I can cum that way anew in the future. That was probably the almost all wonderful sex I’ll ever have… but I hope not.” Investigate the movie scene, too.

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Displaying her toys

Displaying her toys

Displaying her toys

Lives: Paterson, Recent Jersey; Occupation: Grocery store cashier; Age: 24; Born: May 3; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 136 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Straps; Anal: All the time! BJs: Of course I gulp; Diddle: Could not exist without my toys!

“My majority mind blowing friend and I’ve known every other, love, forever,” said Nakita. “We get lezzie now and then if we do not have boys in our lives. We’re always challenging each other to craziest things, and letting her take those fotos for the web site makes me the winner for now. This babe is a bit too coyness to do everything adore this. When I’m toying myself now, I’ll be accustomed to fantasize that it’s some surfer lad from L.A. or a boy from a foreign country who’s doing me. That will be super!”

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