Mrs. M. Stone, Julian St. Jox, Sledge Hammer and Dave Cummings

Michaela has always wanted to be DPed but at no time tried it – until now. Not one, but 2 well hung Porn stars stick it to her at the same time, while her husband enjoys the expose from the sidelines.

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Sky Taylor and Chris Johnson

Hefty titted MILF Sky Taylor is an aggressive minx who won’t take no for an answer. Skirt chaser FLOYD Johnson knows better than to challenge her orders, so when this babe perches on the edge of her own desk, hitching up her short miniskirt and revealing her panties, this ladies man knows that this dude had better perform his blowjob duties well! JERRY pulls Sky’s underclothing to one side and tongues her bald snatch, making her quiver as his tongue touches her clitoris. Then that petticoat chaser bangs her butt over the desk, in missionary, doggy and with Sky bouncing on top. This babe kneels in front of her employee in a very un-boss like manner to swallow his luscious cumload. What a obscene adult model bag!


The Slut Next Door

The Floozy Next Door

When people think of the phrase “mid-western housewife,” they usually don’t think about honeys like Ruthie Hays. U watch, mid-western housewives do go shopping at Wal-Mart. But almost all of ’em don’t pick up strangers they meet whilst shopping and copulate them in the family restroom. A mid-western housewife might, just once in her life, have the courage to step foot into an adult book store. But chances are she isn’t plan to give blow jobs to 20 studs lining up outside the video preview booth. And u might identify a mid-western housewife hanging out at a truck avoid…but not mouthing some dude’s wang betwixt two trucks.

Meet Ruthie Hays, a 47-year-old housewife from Des Moines, Iowa. Field of Fantasies and overspread bridges country. Well, you can leave the daydreams of cornfields and romantic bridges to the movie scenes.

“I would love to have a a gang bang facial cumshots with Twenty or greater quantity boyz,” Ruthie told us. “The almost all I’ve ever had was eight, and that was just group-sex. I wish a bukkake. I wanna be covered in cum.”

When Ruthie says stuff like this, this babe doesn’t say it in a serious or sultry voice. This babe doesn’t even say it in a particularly hot voice. This babe says in a enjoyment, lighthearted way. ‘coz that’s what Ruthie is: fun and fun-loving. Especially when there’s a 10-Pounder (or two, or Twenty) in the room.

The fact is, there are lots of you lads out there who have passed throughout Des Moines and already expert Ruthie‘s face hole or twat (or both). Been there, done that. But you have by no means seen Ruthie like this. It is her first professional hardcore shoot.

“I had a blast,” Ruthie said, then that babe giggled. “All over my face!”

The Bitch Next Door



Mrs. S. East, Marty Romano and Dave Cummings

Sheena is a pretty Vietnamese babe who’s married a well-hung white ladies man. However, this babe really craves to nail a porn star whilst her husband watches – and then go home and fuck the shit without him. Fortunate for her, that dream becomes a reality in this xxx clip.

Housewives Porn

Cake Kash and Sledge Hammer

If you’re in the mood for a chubby darksome M.I.L.F. that’s just bashful of being called a LARGE GLAMOUROUS FEMALE, then u are plan to desire to observe Cake Kash. I don’t think I’ve ever watched her in advance of, but I do know that I would love to see these stupendous scones afresh. That babe is working at her coochie precious and slow, unfolding these gorgeous lips and showing off her pink inside. She masturbates herself until that babe is nearly cumming, then her charmer toy of the day stops on by to give her a deep dicking, This chab puts her in doggy position and bangs her so rock hard that all of her rolls go bouncing.


A Proper Cream Pie For Ciara

A Proper Semen Pie For Ciara

Ciara, a wife and country club member from Atlanta, Georgia, isn’t usually a woman of few words, but in this episode, she doesn’t say much. This babe just moans a lot and engages in some screw talk. Clearly, she’s enjoying herself, and clearly, she’s into it, just as the cum discharged receives into her in the last minutes. Yes, a cream pie for Ciara!

“I don’t think the vixens at my country exotic dancing club would even know what a ball batter pie is,” Ciara told us.

Ciara, a sweet-talking Southern belle, is our favourite kind of MILF: the kind that isn’t a porno star, isn’t a exotic dancer, isn’t in this for the cash. She is here, right in front of your eyes, cuz she is fulfilling a fantasy.

“I’m not sure every female desires to do something like this, but I know I did,” Ciara told. “I’m a highly raunchy person. My hubby and I’ve extraordinary sex, and we’ve it sometimes twice a day. Many days twice a day. Sometimes bigger in size quantity. And we’ll do it all over the abode. I’ll be ironing, and he’ll just walk up behind me and stick his schlong between my legs. You know how guys like to play helicopter? That buck does that. It is pleasure. Or he’ll be watching TV, and I’ll walk up to him and kneel between his legs and give him a oral-sex, and sometime it’ll just be a oral, and sometimes we’ll have intercourse. It’s kind of thrilling, never really knowing when you are gonna have sex or how. We just do it whenever the feeling hits, which is not quite all the time.”

By the way, in her personal life, Ciara acquires semen pies all the time. But on episode, this is a 1st!

A Proper Spunk Pie For Ciara



Naughty Revenge

Naughty Revenge

“My ex-husband would be very upset if this chab saw those images,” told Dallas, a tall golden-haired who’s making her 40Something initial appearance. “He used to be actually against porn mags. He wouldn’t even shop in stores that sold them. Imagine if that skirt chaser detected out that his ex-wife not solely liked them, she was in one, showing her goodies for everybody to watch!”

Confession No. 1 from Dallas: “I hope he does watch these pix. I am sure he’ll call me and flip out over the phone.” Confession No. 2 from Dallas: “It’s too bad he didn’t like those magazines when we were married. It would’ve been valuable to see him show a little interest in sex. Maybe if he’d spent larger amount time fucking me and less time complaining about the corruption of family values, we’d still be a family!” Confession No. 3: “It used to receive me damp hearing him complain about magazines like 40Something ‘coz I’d be sat there thinking, ‘If I could pose in one, I’d.’ And now I am! And not only that, I fucked a total stranger for a episode! U know what? I’m gonna make sure my ex-husband finds out. I am intend to reveal this to him!”

“When my ex identified out that I got my milk sacks done, he went ballistic over the phone,” Dallas told. “I just said to him, ‘Honey, you wouldn’t bonk me, and now I’m plan to use these boobies to discover some fellows who will.’ I thought this chab was plan to have a heart attack right then and there!” This ladies man did not. But those images? “These photos just might kill him,” this babe told. “I say, ‘Baby, get over it!'”

Naughty Revenge



Angelina Gets Fucked Hard

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Angelina’s son had been in high-school for three years and over that time Angelina had played the good Mother taking him and his flat mate snacks and care packages all the time. Angelina’s son’s flat mate would often come over to her place and meet up with her son to go out and do ram since her abode was a half way point betwixt his job and their dorm room. Well one day when Darren went over to expect for Angelina’s son that Lothario got there a full forty minutes early and Angelina ended up keeping him very entertained!

At 1st the 2 of ’em just sat on the daybed but then one thing led to another and they started to touch each other, at first it was just teasing but it in a short time turned in to a lot larger amount. Darren ran his hand up her haunch and she ran her hand over his beefy weenie and within minutes Darren had his plump ramrod rammed unfathomable in to her mature love tunnel. Darren knew that this dude shouldn’t be screwing her but this babe of course knew what that babe was doing and as this babe rode his rod he was sure that that babe was intend to make him explode in seconds!

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Mrs. L. Peters, Tony Eveready, Devlin Weed and Dave Cummings

Lily met Dave at a exotic dancing club – that babe gave him a jaw-dropping exotic dance and this chab invited her to the show to live out her dream of getting nailed by 2 big darksome men. Tiger, her husband, watches on and eventually joins in the action.

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