Who’s Pooling Who?

Who's Pooling Who?

In this movie scene, the woman chaser thinks he is plan to teach Jenny Hamilton how to play pool.

“Shooting pool is like touching a woman,” this chab tells her. “You got to seize that rack, then you gotta break Them in.”

So much for subtlety. But it turns out this babe already knows how to play, and she’s 42, so she doesn’t need much breaking in. This babe just about clears the table and offers a defiance.

“If I make this discharged,” that babe says. “you eat my cunt, and then I get to shag u.”

At this point, he’s gotta be putting aside his male ego and hoping this babe sinks the discharged, and certainly, she does.

“You think that is fine?” that babe says. “Wait until you stick your ding-dong inside my wet crack.”

This chab eats her wet crack, of course, on the pool table (where else?), then she sucks his shlong, one time bigger quantity on the pool table, and then this chab sticks his knob in her cum-hole (hairless, certainly). And to finish things off, that guy discharges his spunk all over her nice-looking face. Now who do you think won this game?

Who's Pooling Who?



I Guess This Trumps My Tattoos And Piercings, Mom?

I Guess This Trumps My Tattoos And Piercings, Mamma?

“I’ve viewed in NN that some girls worry about their parents’ reaction if they identified out their daughter was in a porn mag,” Brandi said. “My Mama was surprised when I got my first tattoo, but when I got bigger amount, and then got my nipp pierced, that babe said that nothing I do will surprise her anymore. I’d love to have a charmer come up to me in the future and say that woman chaser recognizes me from NN. Knowing that he is observed my spread bawdy cleft would be so thrilling, I think.”

I Guess This Trumps My Tattoos And Piercings, Mommy?



Asian Beauty Devours Big Cock

Oriental HENRY Tia shoves a large shaft down her throat so unfathomable she gags, but still keeps pumping until that babe catches a lustful load unfathomable down her throat!


She Couldn’t Do This At Mardi Gras!

She Couldn't Do This At Mardi Gras!

“I went to Mardi Gras in Fresh Orleans with my mate and got plenty of beads for flashing my scoops,” JOEL told. “Since I loved that, he said I should take it further and get bare for a mag. That Lothario showed me his porn mags for the first time. I liked Newcummers. Then I could not await to acquire nude in his backyard and let him take the dirty images. I was indeed amorous by the time we finished and I orgasmed as soon as that woman chaser shoved his meat-thermometer into me.”

She Could not Do This At Mardi Gras!



She’s A Dirty, Little Girl!

She's A Indecent, Little Girl!

“I shagged a bloke for the 1st time on the day I turned 16 and it became legal, and I hardly avoided since,” told Jada. “I love sex; cant get enough of it. But I’m not a slag; I will not shag any mature bloke and I don’t go for one night stands. I have a two-date rule in advance of I’ll spread my legs. And my other rule is that if a buck cant make me cum the 1st time we shag, this chab will not get another chance. I am not intend to waste time with a guy who can not satisfy me, there’re also many others out there who are mad to do the job properly.”

She's A Bawdy, Little Cutie!



Mya Takes A Ride On The Cock Train

Mya Mason is an exotic, hot vixen that loves getting tag-teamed. This babe got exposed and played with her pussy then started sucking Ben’s rod until she had him standing at attention. She laid him down and sat on his thick prick and let him split that snatch wide open. This chab rolled her over and put the meat to her as hard as he could thrust. That babe loved that dick hammering in and out of her then this babe got on top afresh and rode him until she came all over his rod. Once she had came that smooth operator stood up over her and emptied a load of woman chaser gravy into her hungry throat and that babe drank it all.

Bum bandits abound here! Handsome honeys having their asses banged in intensely hardcore anal act!

She Posed For Her Guy’s 30th Birthday

She Posed For Her Guy's 30th Birthday

“I posed for my boyfriend’s birthday…his 30th birthday,” said Alexia. “We’ve been go out with for six months and during the time that we’ve looked at a lot of NN?mags jointly at his place, he not at all told everything about me posing. So my suggesting it to him was a surprise. This guy jumped me right away, and, I swear, his schlong was bigger and harder than I would ever watched it and he humped me like nutty, so I knew that man loved the idea.”

“I’d discover it subrigid to start go out with younger sexy chaps anew if my ladies man and I split up,” said Alexia. “The boyz about my age that I was with in the past were selfish and clueless in bed and didn’t appear to be to care if I was savouring myself or not. They just wanted to receive into my vagina, cum and be done with it. Now I have detected that having sex can take long time, with lots of teasing, building up to near-cumming and then calming down before building up another time; ram like that. So now I’m practically begging to cum the 1st time cuz I can’t take much bigger in size amount banging. That is how sex is supposed to be.”

She Posed For Her Guy's 30th Birthday



Getting Rid Of Her Sexual Hang-ups

Getting Rid Of Her Carnal Hang-ups

“I was really into he, but he dumped me cuz, this chab told, I had also many hang-ups about sex,” said Nena. “He was merely the second boy I would ever screwed and sometimes I wasn’t sure what to do. But I was trying really hard to be uninhibited when we had sex. I was upset about it till my girlfriend talked me into posing for her and sending the images in for publication. She told if I could do this, then I don’t have any hang-ups, and I need a lad who appreciates that I am a learner at sex and will teach me.”

Getting Rid Of Her Erotic Hang-ups



Jenny’s On Cue For Cock

Jenny's On Cue For Cock

Wonderful, fake meatballs with a tattoo. Strong twat. Pierced clitoris. Yeah, the all-American hotty is being redefined right here at 40SomethingMag.com, and don’t u adore it?

“I do,” said Jenny Hamilton, a 42-year-old divorcee from Nevada. “Men are always surprised when they see the jewelry on my muff ‘cuz even though I took ’em home and started engulfing their dongs 10 minutes after I met them, they still have this old-fashioned idea about me.”

An idea that, in Jenny‘s mind, that babe thinks that babe reinforces.

“Old-fashioned vixens took care of their guys,” she told. “I definitely do that, even if it is with a lot of different guys!”

And here she is again, smashing, one time and for all, the traditional vision of the all-American hotty. Does the all-American DALE engulf a total stranger’s shlong?

“This one does!” Jenny says.

Does the all-American CHESTER fuck on camera?

“This one does,” Jenny said.

Certainly, all-American cuties do walk into pool halls and make heads turn.

“It’s what I do on the pool table that makes me peculiar,” she told.

Jenny's On Cue For Cock