Shaggin’ Wagon

Shaggin' Wagon

“My folks gave me their aged minivan to use at college,” said Molly. “It’s not much, but it is my first car and at least it is big enough that I can carry a lot of my friends around. I was behind the garages at my apartment complex, about to clean some of the junk with out the back, when my husband identified me. We hadn’t watched every other for a scarcely any days, so I figured this stud was probably horny: I of course was! So when this chap wanted a photo of me working, I decided to tempt him. It worked!”

“I cant imagine that my folks will ever see the mag, but, then afresh, I am a believer in Murphy’s Law,” told Molly. “So, yeah, Mother, I did get undressed and do nasty things for images and send them to a magazine. Yeah, I did it in a place where other people might have watched me and, yeah, we did christen the back of the minivan when we were done. We put the hatch down for that. I have always been such a fine hotty, always doing the right things and at not time getting into a predicament. Posing for NN is not getting into trouble, but it sure is doing something that almost any girls would never do. I loved it!”

Shaggin' Wagon



Single Mom Unlocks Her Legs And Opens Wide

We met this Thirty six year mature single Mom in a parking garage near our building. This babe was having a rough day and wanted to mellow out so we invited her back to our place. Her name is Elsie and that babe had locked her keys in the car so we told her this babe could use our phone to make a hardly any calls but from the look in her eye we could tell what that babe indeed wanted was smth more private. Lonely HORNY HOUSEWIVES need loving affection and the deep penetration that only cums from your rock hard erection! That babe wanted to stay and fondle when we were done screwing her, so we let her stay around a whilst and now she says that babe would be pleased to cum back and play with us afresh any time.

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Unhappily Married MILF Needs Sexual Attention

BERNARD found Candice on her lunch break during a little stroll throughout a back alley. This chab approached and asked her if this babe would take a survey about mature women’s sex lives. Not solely did this babe say yep, but this babe let everybody around know she has to use her toys every single day ‘cuz of her husband’s lack of interest. Back at the office this HORNY HOUSEWIFE was all too pleased to be mouthing penis and riding cock one time anew.

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Cheating MILF Sara Sleeps With Younger Man

A travel to the mall becomes very worth it when we watch Sara in a small clothes store. On route to the food fair, CARL and I move in to talk to her. Turns out that babe had company, a partner, upstairs. The poor bastard was getting his hair cut. Sara, Thirty nine, shared the same dream we had hoped she would, to sleep with younger bucks. So, whilst her husband was upstairs, we snuck back to Tommy’s place and mowed some lawn of our own…

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Online MILF Likes Some Girl on Girl Action

This M.I.L.F. Leigh was picked up with minimal effort,all it took was some slick typing online and that babe was on her way over to meet LEON. After a petite in number questions Leigh confessed she finds sweethearts fetching and was interested in some hotty on hotty act. The two then bare down and started licking with tongue each others love muffins which lead to twat eating and having some toys busted out. After rogering RAY with a fake penis it was Liegh’s turn to get rogered. EDWIN busted out her strap-on and fucked this juvenile Mother like she is by no means been in advance of.

Someone calls these old chicks “Mom” but since it is not u it’s okay for you to wanna screw them!


This MILF works as a Sales rep. for a highclass Condo. She indeed needed this sale so we gave her an ultimatum. This babe acquiesced to Engulf and Bonk for a signature on the lease and we couldn’t resist. Luna was one of the superlatively nice Copulates we had in a whilst with her bulky booty and taut slit. It just proved to us that slit this fine doesn’t come free.

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LUIS and i noticed Sally during a walk downtown. With her husband with out the picture, we invited her to come up to the studio to kill some time. One time upstairs that babe accepted an offer of $500 to blow MARVIN. Engulfing Tommy’s dick got her succulent and rod hungry, in the end this babe left very satisfyed and without the money!

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We detected this M.I.L.F. Fran on the mean streets of Vancouver.She had just gotten her purse snatched and luckily for Fran BENJAMIN was nearby and accustomed to return the purse.Ben comforted Fran and said her he’s a school teacher and would like to interview her,after all this chab did just save her purse.Back at the office Fran sure payed ERNEST back for saving her purse,this French babe was all over his penis and bigger quantity than ready to give up her pussy for her fresh hero BILL.

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We detected this SEXY HOUSEWIFE Cassidy in the parking lot of our motel.She was there spying on her husband lost her car keys and was in need of a phone book.She was in luck, we were in the same motel and EUGENE quickly invited her up to the room. Back at the room Cassidy said SHAWN that babe thinks her chap is cheating on her and that that smooth operator repulses her cause that woman chaser by no means touches her.Ben told her this chab could aid her release some of her erotic tension and she was on him like flies on shit.This horny housewife was real sexually excited,taking fingers in the arse and nuts in the face. Avoid reading this shit,check her out Lothario.

Someone calls those aged chicks “Mom” but since it is not u it is ok for you to wanna shag ’em!