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Cammille Austin – Cammille shackled

Cammille chained

Cammille chained

Cammille Austin is a 58-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother, so what’s that babe doing at with diminutive chains attached to her pierced nipps and pierced slit?

Hey, what’s she doing at getting fucked by greater than average darksome dicks and ass-fucked by men youthful enough to be her sons?

Well, that babe is enjoying herself, for one. And although this is a solo scene, it is glamorous damn hot. Cammille tugs on the chains and her teats acquire rock hard. This babe tugs on the chains and her clit receives greater. She fingers her pink muff actually deep, getting numerous fingers inside.

No surprise. This is a lady who had group-sex on her wedding night. Her second wedding night, that is. And after that babe was done getting group screwed, she let her husband have very sloppy seconds.

There is a very valuable chance that as you’re watching this, Cammille is back home in Arkansas watching it with her spouse and engulfing his knob.

Unless, of course, she’s having one more gang group action.

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Raquel Ritz – The a team fuck queen of Pennsylvania

The group sex queen of Pennsylvania

The group-sex queen of Pennsylvania

Raquel Ritz is a 40-year-old wife, Mommy and group action lover who’d at not time fucked professionally on-camera until that babe visited our studio. Raquel loves crafting. Her favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball. They’d probably like to gang-bang her.

40SOMETHING: We receive a lot of adult models who say when they turned 40, it was like somebody flipped a switch on their sexual appetite and they went wild.
RAQUEL: I would say my appetite increased in my mid-30s. I think there is just a switch in your hormones that raises when u hit that mid-30 mark, at least for me.
40SOMETHING: Since you have turned Fourty have u had sex with any 18-year-olds?
RAQUEL: Not Eighteen, but the youngest I’ve had is 21. It was about two years ago. It was wonderful. It was a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of thing. I’ve an open marriage so I set up gangbangs for myself. And that is how it happened. That ladies man was part of a four-man group.
40SOMETHING: Are four dudes considered a gang?
RAQUEL: Well, I call it a gang. I can take three at one time, so if it’s more than three, it is a gang to me.
40SOMETHING: So with 3, u take ’em in the face hole, slit and wazoo?
40SOMETHING: And what about when there’s a fourth lad?
RAQUEL: Well, I have a hand, so I can take five at once, really. I have two hands, a throat and 2 holes.
40SOMETHING: So during the time that your spouse is away, u arrange gangbangs.
RAQUEL: Well, I call myself insatiable. I can take a lot, and it takes a lot to handle me, likewise.
40SOMETHING: If somebody would have told to you on your wedding night that you and your boyfriend would be swinging married couples one day, you would’ve told…
RAQUEL: You are kooky.
40SOMETHING: How come?
RAQUEL: ‘coz of the background I grew up with and the area we grew up in. It was just not smth that I thought about. Very conservative along with the rest of midst town America.
40SOMETHING: What are the steps in setting up a group sex?
RAQUEL: You use all the sites u can identify, courting sites that have sections for no-strings-attached sex. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I have a hardly any boys I invite back each time. So I might merely need 3 or four extra boyz. I always invite double of what I urge. Bucks back out at the last minute. U would not think it, but they do. But there are usually sufficient boyz. I have done seven!

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Sally D’Angelo – Paint Sally’s tongue

Paint Sally’s tongue

Paint Sally's tongue

Sally D’Angelo is modeling for her woman chaser, who’s an artist. A real artist, although who can tell? Sally is exposed modeling exposed, and he lastly resolves to put down his brush to play with her 61-year-old love tunnel.

“That feels so precious,” Sally says, groaning uncontrollably. This is a female who cums a lot. This babe also sucks a lot of shlong, including Jax’s big black one, and gags herself on it. No dry blow jobs from Sally. That babe receives it good and soaked, not ‘coz it needs to be soaked for her cookie. Her cum-hole is always well-lubed. Sally gives sloppy BJs because that babe enjoys giving ’em.

In any case, Jax shags her rock hard, and Sally’s billibongs wobble, and that babe receives her lengthy, curvacious legs all the way back so we have a precious look at of the pleasure. Lastly, at Sally’s urging, Jax cums in her mouth. The cum leaks down her tongue and onto her big love muffins. Sally sticks out her tongue so we can see the cum. Then she eats it.

Sally D’Angelo. Mother. Granny. Wife. Recruiter of models. This babe does it all. We’re guessing that the solely thing she’s bad at is being a neighbour because her screw noises probably keep everyone on the block up all night. But we’re guessing there are fringe benefits to being Sally’s neighbour, also.

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Taylor – Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valentine's Day Surprise

“I could not afford to buy my partner everything much for Valentine’s Day, so this chab got to take these fotos, instead,” told Taylor. “He downloaded ’em onto his iPhone so this charmer can savour them when that skirt chaser goes away on business. Then I got the idea of sending them to a magazine, and after some asking around, one of my friends said me about NN. That dude doesn’t know I sent ’em in but it won’t trouble him: I bet he is showed boyz the pix on his iPhone.”

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Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades Lana Rhoades
Lana Rhoades @
Previous to her anticipated arrival to Porn Valley, Lana Rhoades had at no time been screwed by a dark stud. That babe said us that. That babe likewise said us this babe was very anxious for that experience, so she said her agent she’d immediately kick off doing interracial sex scenes. With just a slight in number below her strap, her partiality is now obvious: from Lana’s partiality to calling Prince her "daddy" to the expressions on her face as her love tunnel is being stretched by the BBC to places she’s at no time felt previous to. In the end, it is a bigger than typical drink for diminutive Lana Rhoades, who some are betting will be The Next Larger than average Thing.
Lana Rhoades Lana Rhoades
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Lexy Lotus – Toned Tinkler

Toned Tinkler

Toned Tinkler

Have you ever peed where u weren’t supposed to?
“All the time! In fact, I like peeing in places other than a bath. I adore to pop a squat outdoors. It feels so natural. Once I peed in a stairwell. And peeing in the garage was enjoyment!” Watch it for yourself in the DVD L’il Pissers.

What’s the thrill u receive from peeing in weird places?
“I love the freedom of it. The naughtiness of it. The possibility of anybody seeing me. I am a little bit of a rebel at heart, so sometimes I love to do things that are taboo or forbidden. Plus, it is more convenient to drop your knickers and go when u receive to. Lads have way more freedom with that, why shouldn’t cuties have it too?”

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Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks Sarah Banks
Sarah Banks @
Sarah Banks is a physician’s assistant that, from time to time, oversteps her job description. U know the old saying — when the cat’s away, the mice will play — which perfectly describes Sarah today. She’s insanely turned on by white men, so why not give one of her favorite patients his hernia and prostate check? Speaking of white dudes, Kurt Lockwood is a known freak, so he is down. Whether Sarah has a finger or a tongue up his butt, Kurt doesn’t mind. On the flipside, when Kurt’s got his large white wang buried unfathomable in Sarah’s arse, this babe doesn’t mind either. In fact, they both love it. From taboo obscene talk to Sarah on her knees begging to "cum on my braces", this scene is smoking sexy.
Sarah Banks Sarah Banks
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Kate England & Lisa Tiffian

Kate United Realm & Lisa Tiffian Kate Britain & Lisa Tiffian
Kate Britain & Lisa Tiffian @
Kate Britain is urinated, and she’s about to make things right. She’s suspected her buck is cheating on her with one of her pals, Lisa Tiffian, and now she is about to learn the truth. That is why this babe flaunts up at Lisa’s as this scene kicks off. Soon, this babe is choking the truth out of Lisa with a monumental, darksome fake penis! Once Lisa confesses, it’s on! Kate belts on another big dark-skinned rod from her arsenal, then gives it to Lisa in all 3 holes. If that’s not enough, Kate acquires Lisa to drop to her knees in advance of some foot worship, then it is on to Kate being proud before this babe leaves Lisa — overtired and laid out on the floor — swear she’ll by no means tough Kate’s lady-killer anew!
Kate England & Lisa Tiffian Kate UK & Lisa Tiffian

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Brooklyn Chase & Lisa Tiffian

Brooklyn Seek & Lisa Tiffian Brooklyn Look for & Lisa Tiffian
Brooklyn Search & Lisa Tiffian @
In addition to being "besties", Brooklyn Search and Lisa Tiffian are next-door neighbors. They’ve been friends for years, and in times of a predicament, they have each other’s back. Which is why Brooklyn is sitting in Lisa’s kitchen — sad and lonely. Brooklyn’s husband is out on one more business journey, and even when he’s home, they’re not cheerful. Sex is horrible. Brooklyn’s married to a "small" Lothario. After hearing her out, Lisa makes a decision she’s going to change Brooklyn’s day. What begins as a little back rub and a kiss quickly escalates to some hawt lesbian act. And await until Lisa’s boyfriend swings by to truly cheer Brooklyn up! His giant 13-inch 10-Pounder is so thick Brooklyn can’t wrap her hands around it! Expect til u watch him destroy both these worked-up, lascivious ladies!!
Brooklyn Search & Lisa Tiffian Brooklyn Follow & Lisa Tiffian
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